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CameraKlean is a small UK based company, ran by Sam Danson. We sell camera related products, ranging from camera cleaning equipment (as the name suggests) to filters and storage, however we are constantly trying to improve our product portfolio to sell more products that will benefit you all.

Our number 1 priority is to make sure that you are always happy with quality, customer service and most importantly is happy with their purchase!

We started our journey in the summer of 2022 and have quickly grown from selling just 2 products to over 50 different products. All shipment is done in house and is sent out personally by myself (Sam), putting in 100% effort towards quality and packaging for every individual order.

About Me (Sam Danson)

I am a 19 year old student attending Loughborough University, as well as running CameraKlean and attending University, I am a high level athlete recently winning a bronze medal at the British Championships in Long Jump and I also run another business with a friend selling gym and health related items (gymsets).


I have been competing in Athletics, in particular long jump since i was 8 years old. Recently reaching a very high level, gaining a bronze medal at the British Championships, as well as competing for England!

Photography & Videography

I am also very passionate about photography and more so videography and video editing, hence the reasoning behind starting this business. I got into photography through my Dad (Nigel Danson) and enjoy creating my own videos and photos when i have time! Aswell as helping my Dad edit his YouTube videos from time to time.


Travelling different countries throughout the world is also something i spend alot of time doing throughout the year, I have recently traveled to Iceland, Spain, France and Barbados, with more trips planned this year. (and don't worry i still ship your orders out whilst i'm away on my trips haha!)

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