Sensor Cleaning

Shop our wide range of sensor cleaning products. Making cleaning easy and affordable, so you can do it regularly and where ever you are. To protect your valuable camera!

Why Clean your Sensor

  • Keep your Camera Safe

    When sensor dust builds up on your sensor not only does it reduce image quality, but over time it can cause permanent damadge to your camera, therefore regular sensor cleaning is vital!

  • Reduce Editing Clean Up

    When you have sensor dust you will notice you have small dust spots on all of your images making the editing process much longer and tedious, removing them 1 by 1. When instead you could just clean your sensor and have none of this!

  • Crisp Photographs

    Taking photos with dust on your sensor can not only damadge your camera, make the editing process longer, but can also reduce the quality of your image no matter what you do when editing!

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Nigel Danson Sensor Brush

The ND Sensor Brush is a must have tool in your camera bag. Saving you money, time and energy! It is reusable and easy to do, meaning you can give your sensor a quick clean in any situation, whether that be on the scene or back at home!

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VSGO All in One Cleaning Kit

This kit is a great starting point for anyone who currently has no camera cleaning equipment, including everything you need to be able to effectively clean all areas of your camera!

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VSGO Air Blower

An air blower is a vital piece of equipment to have in your bag. Not only is it needed in some of the cleaning process. But means you nca quickly blow away dust from your camera body and lens, as a prevention mechanism for sensor dust. Thus reducing the amount you have to clean your sensor!

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VSGO Sensor Swabs

Our sensor swabs are the most effective way out of all the methods. They remove 100% of dust no matter how stubborn it is. However, they are non re-usable and therefore best to be used only when the other methods do not work (sensor brush and air blower).

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