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VSGO APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swabs

VSGO APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swabs

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Product Contents

  • 16mm Sensor Swabs (x10)

  • 10ml Cleaning Solution (x1)

  • Instruction Sheet (x1)

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What is Sensor Dust

Sensor Dust is particles of dust that get stuck to your camera sensor, when changing your lens or when no protector is over the camera's sensor. 

Why Sensor Dust is Bad

Sensor dust not only impairs image quality and can expose dark spots onto your images. But, also in the long run if left unaddressed can cause permanent damage to your camera!

Why you Need Sensor Swabs & When to Use them

Sensor swabs are the most effective method of removing sensor dust and will remove 99% of dust from your camera sensor, keeping it safe and efficient. You don't always need to use sensor swabs unless there is a big build up of dust or a stubborn sensor spot and in most cases a sensor brush will do a very effective job!

How to Use Sensor Swabs

  • Step 1

    Take lens off to expose the sensor

  • Step 2

    Use air blower to blow away loose dust

  • Step 3

    Unpackage swaba nd drop 3 drops of sensor fluid onto it

  • Step 4

    Place swab onto sensor and swipe across and then back to where you started

  • Step 5

    Dispose of swab and attach lens back onto the camera sensor

  • Step 6

    Enjoy sensor dust free photography

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More Info

  • Multiple Uses

    The swabs can also be used to clean lenses, filters and surface crevices of cameras. 

  • Swab Design

    The cleaning end of the swab is made of ultra fine microfibre, which will clean the sensor safely. They are produced in class 100 clean room and the vacuum sealed cleaning swab is then protected from dust contamination in transportation and storage.

  • Sensor Fluid Design

    The bottle of sensor cleaning solution is 10ml and is specifically designed for camera sensor cleaning, safely remove stubborn stains from your sensor.

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What we Promise

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Fast Delivery

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • World Wide Delivery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Nigel Willis
Cleaning D7200 sensor

Sensor was really dirty so decided to buy this kit and give it a try. First 2 swabs made it worse but third swab cleaned 90% of the dust so I'm really happy. Technique will improve the result. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Would buy again when needed in a few months.

Bukkie Osho
Perfect, definitely would buy again

I accidentally spit on my camera sensor trying to blow dust off of it. I tried to clean it off with my shirt and it didn’t work, the spit had dried. I almost lost hope until a YouTuber directed me to this product. Cleaned it in seconds and removed all the spots. Thank you

Rob Spencer
Fantastic Results

Highly recommend this kit.
Having bought a used Canon 80d I was disappointed to discover the sensor was extremely dirty with numerous spots visible even at wider apertures. After trying a rocket blower and electrostatic brush with zero success I feared the sensor may have been beyond recovery. I decided to give VSGO sensor cleaning swabs a try and can say, without hesitation, these swabs are fantastic. I used two drops and the dust has completely gone.
Thank you.

Does the job

It has been a very long time since I cleaned the Fuji XPro2 camera sensor. I needed to use 5 swabs to remove what ever was on the sensor. Pristine sensor now. Perhaps if I had been more firm with swab I might have used less. Anyway, delivery was super fast and product very easy to use and totally recommended.

Ian Rawlings
Cleaned my Fuji X-H2 and X-H2s sensors perfectly.

In the age of swift delivery I was surprised how long it took for the Sensor cleaning kit to arrive. For some reason I was also expecting a link to a video on Youtube for instructions but did not find that. However once I had worked out what I was doing and had made sure the camera shutter and IBIS mechanism were secure, the Cleaning Swabs and liquid did a great job. I used two swabs per sensor and reviewed before and after images, and all the dust had been removed. I was very pleased with the outcome and will use again as required.