What is Sensor Dust?

What is Sensor Dust?

Sensor Dust is particles of dust that get stuck to your camera sensor, when changing your lens or when no protector is over the camera's sensor. 

This can then potentially cause marks to come up on your image and therefore ruin your photo and is not easy to remove in every photo you edit when you are back at yours house from shooting.

It is therefore important to clean your camera sensor every so often when you notice your sensor is getting dirty. There are several ways you can do this, which all have different effectiveness, these are:

- Sensor Swabs 
- Air Blower 
- Air Blower and Sensor Brush 

You should therefore use one of these methods to clean your camera sensor to avoid this problem in your photos. The equipment you need to do this can be bought on my website at a great price and great quality.

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