Kase Filters

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How to Choose What Filters to Buy

1. Review your lens threads and focal lengths – Select the largest lens thread size

Whatever your largest thread size is, go up to the next size. This will prevent vignetting when stacking on wide angle lens.

Example, 24-70mm f/4 lens (72mm thread) = 77mm Circular Filters.
24-70mm f/4 (72mm thread) and 14-30mm f/4 (82mm thread) = 95mm Circular filters plus 72-95mm and 82-95mm magnetic adapters.

2. Choose which kit you want – Entry or Pro kit

What is the difference? The Pro kit includes a 10-stop ND, both Entry and Pro kits include the following, Lens case, native adapter, end cap, CPL, 3-stop, and 6-stop ND.

Circular filters can also be purchased individually, and accessories are available too.

Kase Revolution Magnetic Circular Filters, the next generation…

Incorporating the much loved and trusted Wolverine glass, known for its clarity, toughness, and excellent colour control, the Revolution filters take it to the next level on ease of use. Coloured Identifying rings make it easier to select the filters you need, new adaptor rings help reduce vignetting on those awkward lenses. Identify each filter with confidence and select the right tool for the job, allowing you to focus more time on photography. 

The new Wolverine Magnetic Circular Revolution filters are backwards compatible* with existing Kase Magnetic Circular filters, magnetic circular adapters, step-up rings and the magnetic lens hoods. Allowing you to continue to use our rich and diverse filter ecosystem. Whether you are new to filters or a long-term user of Kase filters. 

For many users, all circular filters were not an option and had some limitations due to some lens constructions. Which prevented circular filters being stacked and would cause vignetting regardless of the size used. 

Kase filters have resolved this by introducing an inlaid adapter ring which fits inside the lens thread, meaning the filters sit closer to the lens element and ultimately reduces vignetting. This adapter, comes as standard with all kits. Available in 77mm and 82mm Entry and Pro kits only at launch. More sizes available soon.

*Kase Revolution filters will attach to existing Kase Wolverine Circular Filters and adaptors and accessories.

3. Review remaining lens and select what adapters you need

Do you want to use the Magnetic Lens Hoods? If so, you will require standard (non-magnetic) step up rings. If you do not wish to use the Magnetic Lens Hoods, you can use our magnetic step-up rings.

The lens adaptors screw direct to your lens and are just one size to correspond with your kit, however if you need to step from a smaller lens thread size then our magnetic step rings work as both the lens adaptor and step ring.

Example, if you buy an 82mm set for your largest 77mm lens thread, you also want to use it on a 72mm lens thread, simply buy a 72-82mm magnetic step-up ring, this allows you to mount the magnetic circular filters directly to your 72mm lens thread.

If you buy an 82mm magnetic filter kit and 82mm magnetic lens hood to use on 72 and 77mm lens threads. You will require standard (non-magnetic) step-up rings 72-82 and 77-82mm with the 82mm lens hood adapters. This allows you to use the lens hoods across all your lens, with your magnetic circular filters.

Don’t forget to buy extra lens caps to fit your set size if you want to keep them on your lenses at all times.