Lens & Body Cleaning

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Why Clean your Lens and Body

  • Image Quality

    Dust building up on your lens, can reduce image quality therefore meaning you hard earned photos are not as good as possible. With such an easy fix it is essential to keep your lens clean to steer clear of this issue!

  • Keep your Camera Safe

    When dust builds up on your camera and lens not only can it reduce image quality, but over time it can cause permanent damage to your camera and lens, therefore regular cleaning of your camera is vital!

  • It Affects your Sensor

    Dust building up on other areas of your camera, can spill over onto your sensor, when changing lenses or storing your camera. Therefore, keeping other areas of your camera clean is imperative to keep your precious camera sensor clean!

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Nigel Danson Camera Brush

The ND Camera Brush is a must have tool in your camera bag. Saving you money, time and energy! It is reusable and easy to use, meaning you can give your camera a quick clean in any situation, whether that be on the scene or back at home!

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VSGO Air Blower

An air blower is a vital piece of equipment to have in your bag. It means you can quickly blow away dust from your camera body and lens, as a prevention mechanism for sensor dust.

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VSGO Lens Pen

The lens pen, is a great piece of equipment for a quick and regular clean of your sensor, with two different ends to do different jobs. Removing smudges, dust and more, your can be assured your lens will always be in top notch condition!

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VSGO Lens Wipes

For a more deep clean of your lens and body, when dust and smudges build up over time. The lens wipes are a great tool to remove all stubborn dirt and dust!

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