About Me

Hi, I am Sam Danson owner of CameraKlean and son of Nigel Danson.

About Me
- I am 18 years old and live in Cheshire, England.
- I have just finished my A-levels, in which I achieved A*A*A in Art, Business and Maths.
- I am a very keen track and field athlete, with my main event being Long Jump. My PB is 7.00m and I am placed within the top 10 in the country for my age group!
- I am going to Loughborough University to study Business Management and will continue to run CameraKlean from there at the same time.

 Why I Started CameraKlean
There are two main factors that made me start CameraKlean.

The first reason for me starting CameraKlean was that In the past I had started many little business ventures, such as drawing, cooking videos and clothes reselling. All of which I ended up giving up on. However all of my childhood I said to myself that I wanted to own my own business and therefore this time I wanted to start something which I devoted more time and effort into and worked at it until it began to create revenue and was a fully operating business and follow this dream of mine.

The second reason is that my Dad has a big presence in the photography world and therefore starting up a business in this market was an obvious route for me to take. After brainstorming ideas about what would be the best area to create a business in this market, I decided that camera cleaning would be a good idea. This is because not only is this something that every photographer needs to do, but also I feel from research that there was a gap in the market and to fill this I needed to simplify the choice for the customer and provide the highest quality product possible.

Plans for the Future
My plans for the future with CameraKlean are to continue releasing more and more cleaning products to our site. Currently there is a very limited range of products on our site. However, over the coming months I plan to release several new products, including a collaboration with my Dad, Nigel Danson. 

However saying this, at CameraKlean the most important thing for us is that our products are of high quality, so you can feel comfortable cleaning your camera with them, as we know this is something you value very highly. Therefore, we will not rush the release of any of our products and will always ensure that they are of the best quality possible for you.