Canon Camera Sensor Size List

Here is a list of all the Canon cameras and what their sensor size is, this should help you choose which size sensor cleaning kit you need if you have a Canon camera and are unsure.

Full Frame Sensor Size Camera's:

Canon 1DX 

Canon 1DX II 

Canon 1DX III 

Canon 5D II 

Canon 6D 

Canon 6D II 

Canon 1DC 

Canon 5DS 

Canon 5DR 

Canon EOS R 

Canon EOS RP 

Canon EOS R5 

 Canon EOS R6 

APS-C Sensor Size Camera's:
Canon T3i

Canon T4i 

Canon T5 

Canon T5i 

Canon T6 

Canon T6i 

Canon T7 

 Canon T7i 

Canon T8i 

Canon SL 1 

Canon Sl 2 

Canon Sl 3 

Canon 7D 

Canon 7D II 

Canon 77D 

Canon 50D 

Canon 60D 

Canon 70D 

Canon 80D 

Canon 90D