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VSGO Lens Cleaning Pen

VSGO Lens Cleaning Pen

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Product Contents

  • Lens Pen (x1)

  • Brushes (x2)

  • Soft Brushes (x5)

  • Instruction Sheet (x1)

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What is Lens Dust

Lens Dust is particles of dust that get stuck to your camera lens, when you don't have your lens cap on.

Why Lens Dust is Bad

Lens dust not only impairs image quality and can expose dark spots onto your images. But, also in the long run if left unaddressed can cause permanent damage to your camera lens!

Why & When to Use a Lens Pen

A Lens Pen is a great tool for cleaning your camera's lens, coming at an amazing price and being reusable makes it a great investment to keep your camera in great condition.

More Info

  • 2 Different Brushes

    The lens pen has 2 different ends, for different uses. One end is a soft nylon bristle brush to brush dirt off of the camera body. The other end is a lens cleaner pad and is perfect for keeping the lens of your camera clean.

  • Easy to Use

    Our pen is easy to use with a simple cap over on either end to keep the brushes clean and the soft ylon brushh has a dial to pull the brush out of it's hiding.

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Magill
Does an excellent job

Works well and I like the fact that there is a cap to protect the cleaning bristles.