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Kase Light Pollution Neutral Light (Sizes 72mm - 95mm)

Kase Light Pollution Neutral Light (Sizes 72mm - 95mm)

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  • Revolution Green colour coded Light Pollution (Neutral Night)
  • Kase Magnetic Lens Adapter  

The Kase Revolution Light Pollution (Neutral Night) filters are your perfect companion for night time photography, both astrophotography and cityscape images. The filter works by reducing the orange sodium glow that is associated with old style street and residential lighting. It filters this light source, reducing the amount that reaches your camera’s sensor.

Examples of use for this filter is when capturing astrophotography in an area with less than perfect light pollution, the filter can help reduce the orange glow that can blight a good milky way or stars shot. Another great use of this filter is for cityscape shots, you will notice it reduces greatly the glare of sodium lights in your scene. 

Revolution Compatibility 

Q: Can I use the Revolution Filters and Lens Caps on my existing Kase Magnetic Circular adaptors?
A: Yes the Revolution Filters and Lens Cap will work with any pre-existing magnetic circular range adaptors you have from Kase.   

Q: Can I use the Revolution Filters stacked on my Wolverine Magnetic Filters?
A: Yes you can, but not the other way around.   

Q: Can I use my existing Magnetic Circular Lens Caps with the Revolution Lens Adaptor’s?
A: No this is not possible, the Magnetic Circular Lens Caps will only work on standard magnetic adaptors, magnetic step-up rings, and magnetic lens hood adaptors.    

Q: Can the Revolution filters be used with the Magnetic Circular Lens Hoods?
A: Yes they can, the revolution filters will attach to this adaptor.   

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About Kase

Kase is a global brand and has researched and developed camera filters for many years in the Asian market. As a product-centric company, Kase products attract consumers through its perfect and consistent quality.  Kase has passed the extensive research and testing and was rated as a high-quality filter manufacturer by ‘China National Camera Quality Supervision and Inspection Center’. Kase has also successfully applied for the European CE Safety Certification, the European RoHS Environmental Certification, and U.S. FCC Quality Safety Certification.

CameraKlean & Kase's Relationship

Kase and us joined together at the beginning of 2024, we chose to sell Kase filters as they are the best in the market and we want to give you guys the best quality products possible!

Why Choose Kase

Kase has an amazing set of filters, with magnetic attachment and high quality glass, they create not only the best quality photos possible, but also make using filters as easy as possible, with their quick attaching magnetic feature. Making it as easy as possible to quickly take your filters on and off, so you don't miss that special shot!

What we Promise

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Fast Delivery

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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