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Nigel Danson Nylon Sensor Cleaning Brush

Nigel Danson Nylon Sensor Cleaning Brush

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Product Contents

  • Nigel Danson Nylon Sensor Brush (x1)

  • Plastic Holding Tube (x1)

  • Holding Bag (x1)

  • Instruction Video (QR Code on Bag)

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Collaboration with Nigel Danson

I (the owner of cameraklean) have worked with my Dad (Nigel Danson) on a sensor brush, going through several sample rounds to create the perfect sensor brush, to work effectively and keep your camera safe!

What is Sensor Dust and Why it is Bad

Sensor Dust is particles of dust that get stuck to your camera sensor, when changing your lens or when no protector is over the camera's sensor. 

Sensor dust not only impairs image quality and can expose dark spots onto your images. But, also in the long run if left unaddressed can cause permanent damage to your camera!

Why you Need a Sensor Brush

A sensor brush is the most efficient cleaning method for 80% of cleans. It removes all dust most of the time and is re-usable making it great value for money for you. However, from time to time when stubborn sensor dust gets on the sensor a more deep clean with sensor swabs may need to be performed!

How to Use Sensor Brush

  • Step 1

    Take lens off to expose the sensor

  • Step 2

    Use air blower to blow away loose dust

  • Step 3

    Blow air onto the sensor brush to create static

  • Step 4

    Place brush onto the sensor to pick up the dust

  • Step 5

    Remove dust of swab with air blower and put back into storage tube

  • Step 6

    Enjoy sensor dust free photography

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More Info

  • Air Blower Needed

    To complete the sensor brush cleaning method, using a air blower is imperative, as the air blowing onto the nylon bristles creates static which then picks up the dust! Therefore ensure to buy a air blower aswell!

  • Brush Design

    We have spent alot of time ensuring the design of the brush is most effective. From the brush size to the quality of the nylon bristles, we have thought about it all!

  • Reduce Sensor Swab Use

    By using a sensor brush more often, less stubborn dust will be built up. Meaning, you can reduce the amount you have to use sensor swabs, therefore saving yourself money and improving the health of your camera.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Does what it says

Good value and and good support video

Vikki Parle
CameraKlean sensor brush

Fab bit of kit, first time I've ever cleaned a sensor, followed the instructions and it's actually not a scary. Thrilled with the end result! Thank you.


Works well

Guest Customer

ND Nylon Sensor Cleaning Brush

Celia M
Great little brush

A really useful little brush for sensor cleaning. Purchased with the full frame sensor cleaning kit which is really very easy to use and gives great results (can't believe that I used to send my camera away for sensor cleaning). Great service from CameraKlean too.